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Hannah Jane. Texas Tech. From Austin Texas. In love with Jesus and sneakers. Coffee and poetry make my world a better place. I have an unhealthy obsession with Tangled and buttered noodles. I really like Kristen Stewart. And I am in recovery by the grace of God. Above all though, I am a daughter of the King..and nothing can change that. Romans 8:37

Come to me and rest.

I am all about you, to bless and restore. Breathe Me in with each breath. The way just ahead of you is very steep. Slow down and cling tightly to my hand. I am teaching you a difficult lesson, learned only by hardship. Lift up empty hands of faith to receive my My precious presence. Light, Life, Joy, and Peace flow freely through this gift. When your focus turns away from Me, you grasp for other things. You drop the glowing gift of my presence as you reach for lifeless ashes. Return to Me; regain my presence. 

-Your Father